Career and Technology Education

Career & Technology Education at North Quincy High School

Career and Technology Education electives prepare students for college, entry-level jobs, and everyday life. Students may choose from courses in all grades, including Business, Marketing, Accounting, Public Speaking, Financial Literacy, Information Technology, Engineering, Carpentry, Patient Care, Early Education and Care, Design and Visual Communication, and Film/TV Production. All courses emphasize the development of 21st Century learning skills.

Ninth- and tenth-grade students may elect semester-long courses that can be taken in combination with one another or in combination with semester-long electives in other departments. These courses in the Career and Technology Education department include MS Word, MS Office, 21st Century Technology, Entrepreneurship, Nutrition and Wellness, Fundamentals of Engineering, Fundamentals of Film/TV, and Fundamentals of Construction. Each of these courses serves as an introduction to more advanced material in year-long electives in Marketing, Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Computer-Aided Design, Carpentry, and Health and Human Services.

Career & Technology Education Faculty