September 21 NQHS Update

September 21 Family Update
Posted on 09/21/2020

Communication in the era of remote and hybrid teaching and learning is both vital and challenging. Our plan at NQHS is to keep the information flowing so that students and families can be up to date about everything, right down to the small details, if needed. In the coming weeks, Mrs. Holland will release the first of her updates, highlighting achievements, accomplishments, and news among students and staff at NQHS. In the meantime, this far less flashy document will dig in with some technical but important details as we enter the second week of the year. A similar, if shorter, update will be shared each week via email, your main page on Aspen, and this page of this website. As always, please be in contact with questions that will help you understand this complicated situation a bit better!

September 21 NQHS Family Update.pdf