Art and Music

The arts departments at NQHS offer students the opportunity to experience a wide range of learning and performance opportunities within the arts. The curriculum emphasizes the development of skills and fosters the creative spirit. Through our arts classes, students will be able to: (1) express ideas, emotions, and beliefs; (2) acquire and apply the essential skills and literacies unique to each art form; (3) participate in the cultural life of the community; and (4) use imaginative and reflective thinking during all phases of creating and performing.

NQHS offers full year music electives in Choral Performance and Band for students in all grades. Ninth and tenth grade students may elect semester-long courses in introductory Art, Digital Photography, Graphics, and Theater. These can be taken in combination with one another or with semester-long electives in other departments, like Computer Applications, Fundamentals of Engineering, Creative Writing Workshop, and Nutrition and Wellness. Full-year electives for tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students are available in Art, Photography, Graphics and Visual Design, and Music Theory and Appreciation.


Mr. Carew, Vocal Music

Mr. Cavanaugh, Instrumental Music

Ms. Compitiello, Vocal Music

Mr. DeMarco, Instrumental Music

Mr. Hanson, Digital Photography / Graphics

Mr. Motta, Art / Design and Visual Communication

Ms. O'Donnell, Art