At NQHS, we know that learning takes many forms. From peer education to transitional high school programs to partnership and internship programs, learning outside the classroom not only contributes to your education but also contributes to our community and the world around us.

Through these groups, you can explore new interests, sharpen skills you already have, meet new people and experience new things. Run a campaign. Feed homeless children. Explore your heritage. Serve as a mentor to another student. Share your excitement about your favorite books. All this and more is waiting for you.

Clubs Available at NQHS:

  • Academic Decathlon (Mr. D'Amore, Room 320)
  • Air Force Jr. ROTC (Sgt. DeLorenzo, Major Jones, Room 401)
  • Alliance Against Racism
  • Allies/Peer Educators (Mrs. Farren, Guidance Office)
  • Anime Club (Mr. Mazzulli, Media Center)
  • Art Club (Room 226)
  • Asian Culture Club 
  • Band (Mr. DeMarco, Room 130)
  • Book Club (Mrs. Shaw)
  • Choir (Mr. Carew, Room 139)
  • Cooking Club (Ms. Flaherty, Room 441)
  • Debate Club (Room 316A)
  • Drama Club (Mrs. Phelan, Mr. Innis, Room 209)
  • Environmental Stewardship Club (Mr. Buckingham, Room 429)
  • Foreign Language Honor Society (Mrs. O'Regan, Room 334)
  • French Club (Mrs. Lacasse, Room 338)
  • Interact Club NQHS
  • Italian Club (Mrs. Murano, Room 340)
  • Literary Magazine (Mrs. Jorgenson, Room 242)
  • Math Team (Mr. Panaro, Room 408)
  • Peer Mentoring (Mrs. Houlihan, Health Office, Mrs. Fernandez, Room 315)
  • National Honor Society (Ms Pekarcik, Room 431)
  • Pride Committee (Mrs. Fernandez, Room 315)
  • Quiz Bowl (Ms. Kriz, Mrs. Farren, Mrs. Fernandez, Room 316A)
  • Rainbow Alliance (Ms Tranquillino, Room 402)
  • Robotics Club (Mrs. Byron, Room 324)
  • S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions) (Mrs. Houlihan, Health Office, Ms Ginty, Gym)
  • Sewing Club (Mrs. Farren, Guidance Office)
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Government (Mrs. Fernandez, Room 316B)
  • Stock Market Club (Mr. Carnell, Room 449)
  • Trivia Club (Mr. D'Amore, Room 320)
  • Yearbook (Mrs. Casimiro, Room 221, Mr. Motta, Room 227)