Posted on 02/14/2023
A female student stands near her project, which is presented on a trifold board and titled "How do Lemon Flavoring Drops Affect pH Levels in Water After 2, 4, and 6 Days?"

The North Quincy High School Science department hosted the annual NQHS Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Fair on Thursday, February 9. Over 100 projects were on display and evaluated by volunteer judges at the event.

The event gives students the chance to interact with professionals from many different fields and careers and contributes to students' personal growth, both academically and socially.

2023 NQHS STEM Fair winners include:

First Place: Michelle Chen, Swimming With Acidic Shells
Second Place: Caitlyn Huynh, Ocean Acidification Effect on Silicate Minerals
Third Place: Madison Evans, Effects of phosphorus pollution and eutrophic water on aquatic species

Honorable Mention:
Aubrey Callard, The Effects Displayed on Xenia Coral When Exposed To Contrasting Amounts of Red Versus Blue LED Lights
Winnie Tran, What material cup will keep hot water warm for longer: glass, ceramic, or copper?
Vienna Mei, How Does the Different pH Levels of Various Foods Affect the Spherification Process?
Victoria Berry, Testing Natural Substances as Antifungal Agents on Baker’s Yeast Using The Zone of Inhibition
Connie Che, Testing the Durability of Different Bioplastic Formulas
Elizabeth Evans, How does different environments of soil composition, being added sucrose, sodium chloride, pH level, and temperature, affect the decomposition in mass of apples in a controlled environment?
Shiyan Lu, Biosorbents for Treating Sewage

We are also thrilled to be sending 10 students to participate in the Region V STEM Fair at Bridgewater State University on March 4th. Those students are: Salma Belmekki, Victoria Berry, Connie Che, Elmeria Cheung, Anna Li, Shiyan Lu, Vanston Ly, Marko Mano, Amy Tan, and Andrea Tang.

Good luck to all of our students moving on in competition!

Image collage shows (clockwise, from top left): School Committee member Tina Cahill judges a student project; a student stands in front of his project, titled "Natural vs. Artificial Germination;" a ROTC student in uniform poses in front of his project; three male students pose with a female teacher at the event; a female student poses in front of her project, titled "What is the best type of hydroponic?"; a female student stands near her project, titled "The Effects of Substances of Different pHs on the Oxidation of an Apple;" a female student poses with her project, titled "Thermal Insulation of Cup Materials"