Remote Learning at NQHS

Remote Learning at NQHS

Open the file below for important end of year information.

NQHS Remote Learning_ Students (1).pdf

Our teachers are creating innovative lessons and learning opportunities as they work remotely with a number of platforms, including Google Classroom and Aspen. On this page we will be sharing examples of the lessons and learning opportunities developed by our teachers and many additional academic resources that may be helpful to students.

Our staff is also adding to a video collection of "hellos" to our students and families.  You can find the collection here. Check the video site often, as teachers and staff will be adding more all the time.

We hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Mr. Connors' lesson on Series-Parallel Combination Circuit Analysis (Physics).

Mrs. Smith's narrated lesson on Rotations (Geometry). Rotations Practice Examples .webm

Mr. Healy's activity on math anxiety.  View this TedTalk on math anxiety and write a reflection.

Mr. Costa's narrated lesson on the Treaty of Versailles (European History).

Q/NQ Jazz Quintet (thank you Mr. Cavanaugh).