If you have information on a reunion or alumni event that you would like to post here please e-mail Ben D'Amore with the information. We would also like to have the officers for each class. If a reunion announcement is not posted on this site, please contact the class president or reunion organizer and ask them to e-mail the information to the webmaster to post on this page. The webmaster is only aware of information that is posted on this page!

Current Announcements:

North Quincy High School Class of 1970 Reunion

NQHS Class of 1973 Scholarship Fund

Past Announcements:

NQHS Class of 1981 Reunion

NQHS Class of 1988 Reunion

NQHS Class of 1973 45th Reunion

NQHS class of 1982 Reunion

Class of 1977 40th Reunion

NQ Class of 1972 45th Reunion

21st Annual NQHS football alumni golf tournament

NQ Class of 1966 50th Reunion

NQ Class of 1965 50th Reunion

NQ Class of 1975 40th Reunion

Alumni Links:

  • Digital Yearbooks

  • North Quincy High Alumni -The purpose of this site is to have a central location for reunions and contact other alumni. This site has no direct affiliation with North Quincy High School or the city of Quincy, MA, Public Schools.

  • Naviance's Family Connection. Naviance - is a software product used to manage academic and post secondary advising, communicating with students and families and for analyzing data. Naviance also allows us to conduct follow-up surveys with our graduates.

  • North Quincy High Class of 1958 on Facebook - Class of 1958 Facebook page! This is the place to locate former classmates, learn about upcoming events, or just turn back the clock.

Class Officers:

Class of 1972

  • Linda (Vitagliano) Lannon

  • Cathie (McCabe) Grazioso

  • Alicia (Noble) Gardner

  • Gingy (Larner) Fidalgo

Class of 1978

  • President: Donna Chiampa

  • Vice President: Susan Cooper

  • Treasurer: John McDonald

  • Secretary: Betsy Johnson

Class of 1982

  • Presidents: Anne Gorczyca / Caryn Smyth

  • Vice Presidents: Katherina Capsley / Simone Koch Leary

  • Treasurer: Mary Ellen Timmins

  • Secretaries: Deborah Bryant / Sally Duggan Falconer

Class of 1983:

  • Presidents: Amanda E. Mujica / Nancy Peduzzi McNulty

  • Vice President: Pauline C. Pappas

  • Treasurers: David C Ceurvels / Neil Leonard

  • Secretary: Mary W. Ziniti

Class of 1984:

  • President: Kevin Kelly

  • Vice President: Robert Pirelli

  • Treasurer: Vicker DiGravio

  • Secretary: Kathy Hegarty

Class of 1985:

  • Presidents: Lynne M. Murphy / Donna Gelsomini Cappola

  • Vice President: Richard P. Brooks

  • Treasurer: Patricia A. Naughton

  • Secretary: Lisa M. Livingstone

Class of 1986:

  • President: Christopher Rossi

  • Vice President: Kevin M. McCarthy

  • Treasurers: Carolyn M. Hannon / Amy Mclean Grady

  • Secretary: Christine DiGravio

Class of 1987:

  • President: Keith P. Segalla

  • Vice President: Christine N. Sweirk

  • Treasurer: Laura J. Chiampa

  • Secretary: James L. Phelan

Class of 1988:

  • President: Melissa Holt

  • Vice President: Mike Shields

  • Treasurers: Nancy L. Flukes / Molly McDonough

  • Secretary: Brenda A Warren

Class of 1989:

  • President: Michael J. Gonin

  • Vice President: Scott N. Raplelis

  • Treasurer: Jane C. Amendolare

  • Secretary: Joseph P. Keegan

Class of 1992:

  • President: Christopher F. Hill

  • Vice President: Jennifer K. White

  • Treasurer: Tara M. Guarnieri

  • Secretary: Lesley Mahoney

Class of 1994:

  • President: Rod Campbell

  • Vice President: David Pacino

  • Treasurer: Martin Shields

  • Secretary: Katy Deedy

Class of 1995:

  • President: Matt Hourin

  • Vice President: Tom Meade

  • Treasurer: Megan Enwright (Roche)

Class of 1996:

  • President: Terrence Roach

  • Vice President: Annie Bergen

  • Treasurer: Lindsay Reynolds

  • Secretary: Christine Regan

Class of 1997:

  • President: Bridget Shaugnessy

  • Vice President: Tricia Christello

  • Treasurer: Courtney Mitchell

  • Secretary: Tina Katsarikas

Class of 1999:

  • President: Frank McNamara

  • Vice President: Corinne Sullivan

  • Treasurer: Mary Sullivan

  • Secretary: Rachel Bonanni