Community Service

Community Service at NQHS

Community service is an important component of student life at NQHS: Quincy Public Schools requires a minimum of 30 hours of service to school and community as a graduation requirement.

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Service to School and Community Overview:

Quincy Public Schools is committed to the education of the whole student, encouraging their development into citizens who are invested and involved in their school and the greater community. To that end, the concept of the service is informally introduced at an early age in the Quincy Public Schools, with many elementary schools taking on individual initiatives, such as raising money for hurricane victims or collecting items for soldier care packages. In middle school, programs such as Operation Day's Work formalize the concept of service for interested students. At the high school level, student clubs and organizations such as the National Honor Society and ROTC have service requirements for their members. These students reap the benefits of their service through opportunities to develop leadership, social skills and an exposure to people of all ages. Service to School and Community may not be compensated in any way. It cannot be performed during scheduled academic class time. The service must benefit someone other than the student or a relative of the student; it should be of the general benefit to their school, another school, or the greater community.

Who must Complete Service?

Quincy Public Schools requires a minimum of 30 hours of service to school and community as a graduation requirement. Students will complete 10 hours of approved service for each of their freshmen, sophomore, and junior years.

When should Service be performed?

Students may work on Service to School and Community activities after school, during school vacations (including over the summer), or on weekends.

The volunteer work can benefit at least one other person or a group. The volunteer activity should be completed at the student's school, middle or elementary school, or a nonprofit agency or organization that has been pre-approved. Students may utilize their own special skills and talents by assisting with recreation programs such as sports teams, tutoring younger students, volunteering at senior citizen housing, collecting and distributing food an supplies for a social services agency, improving the environment, or helping at a community event.

How are Service to School and Community hours recorded and awarded?

Students can choose their Service to School and community projects from the pre-approved list of opportunities. Student organizations such as clubs, sports teams, and classes or individual students are encouraged to develop their own proposals. These unique proposals will need to be pre-approved at each high school, by filling out a Service to School and Community Pre-approval Form. At the conclusion of the project, the student must submit a completed verification form to the Service Coordinator. Service hours will be recorded and reviewed at specified times of the year. All students will have their hours complete by the first week of September of their Senior Year.